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About Noavarane Zebasaz Company

Noavaran Zebasaz Co. manufactures the best disposable herbal containers in Iran Vita disposable containers protect your health and the green of the earth.

Our environment is full of non-renewable materials, plastics being the most important and of course the most commonly used non-renewable material that pollutes the earth every day more than yesterday.

It goes without saying, however, that using this substance is vital in today’s production and it seems impossible to use it right now.

But one of the most commonly used pollutants in our country are disposable plastic containers. Nowadays, these dishes are widely accepted by people and are widely used in various religious holidays, celebrations and ceremonies.

Fortunately, in recent years, the discussion of natural polymers and their use in the manufacture of disposable containers in the country has received much attention. At present, these containers can easily be used instead of plastic that is harmful to the environment.

The use of these dishes, in addition to being harmful to our health, has a significant impact on preventing environmental degradation around us.

Starch-based polymers are among the most important natural polymers. These containers have no harm to human or animal health and become compost under compost.

Also unlike disposable plastic containers, they are safe to store for fatty, acidic and hot foods. Other notable items about Novavaran Zebasaz products include their usability in the microwave oven.

However, if you love the land and care about yourself and your friends, we recommend replacing Vita’s disposable plastic containers with high-risk plastic containers.